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SIBLING | Complete Home DNA Test Kit | All Labs Fees & Shipping Included

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The My Forever DNA Complete At-Home Sibling DNA Test Kit effortlessly reveals whether two people are full siblings, half-siblings, or not related. We include additional materials to optionally add a biological mother's DNA sample at no extra charge. Including a DNA sample from one of the sibling's mothers greatly improves the likelihood of definite results. The full/half sibling DNA test kit contains FDA-approved cheek swabs, easy-to-follow instructions, & a prepaid/addressed FedEx envelope for fast sample return. It employs Dual Processing technology & Examines 46 DNA (Genetic) Markers for guaranteed accuracy. The cost covers all lab fees and shipping, providing a straightforward solution to uncover your family connections.

  • NO HIDDEN COSTS: Determine with precision whether two people share a biological bond as full siblings, half-siblings, or have no family connection.  All Lab Fees & FedEx Shipping, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Dive into your family roots with unparalleled ease and accuracy. Full/half sibling DNA test kit components include step-by-step instructions, result notification form, FDA-approved buccal swabs, DNA sample envelopes, and a prepaid FedEx envelope, guaranteeing a seamless DNA collection experience.
  • PRESTIGIOUS US LAB: Partnering with an AABB-accredited US lab, which also undergoes yearly evaluations by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), assures top-notch accuracy.
  • UNMATCHED ACCURACY: We utilize cutting-edge technology, testing 46 DNA (Genetic) markers+Amelogenin. Dual Process technology ensures double verification, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and confidentiality, endorsed by our Chief Scientific Officer with over 20 years in the field.
  • FAST, SECURE RESULTS & EXEMPLARY SERVICE: Receive timely updates as soon as your samples arrive at our laboratory. Obtain secure and confidential results within 3-5 business days via email, US Mail, or opt for both to guarantee data safety. Experience superior customer service with our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.
  • PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Benefit from our tailored service! A dedicated Customer Care Specialist will keep you updated and address any questions, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and your peace of mind.
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SIBLING | Complete Home DNA Test Kit | All Labs Fees & Shipping Included

SIBLING | Complete Home DNA Test Kit | All Labs Fees & Shipping Included


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